Xx command 1unit 10specops

HP: 100
Cost: 5 TP
Starting Weapon: Grease Gun (Unique) and Grenades
Starting Rifle Skill: 15 - 60
Starting Moral: 20 - 80
Requirements: None
Abilities: None
Aggresiveness: High
Movement Speed: High
Strong Against: All Infantry and Light Vehicles
Weak Against: Snipers and Heavy Vehicles
Equipable: Yes
Roll: Strong Infantry

Tips and InfoEdit

Std unit allied specops idle
The almighty Spec-Ops, Likely the strongest grunt available, Capable of sweeping the field with his grease gun, He is feared by the germans and is considered a high priority target as they always seem to be targeted before normal grunts and sometimes even officers. However the Spec-Ops does have some draw backs, number 1 being that they start with grenades, this is not necesarrily a bad thing but keep in mind any low rank unit with a grenade is friendly fire waiting to happen.

Its not considered a good idea to buy spec-ops ontop of your normal grunts even though the extra 2 points "do" pay for quite alot (free nades, faster movement, unique machine gun) Spec-Ops are best suited for close range combat, unless you want to give them an M1 (2 extra points) making their total investment 7 TP