Xx command 1unit 07signaler

HP: 100

Cost: 3 TP

Starting Weapon: Springfield

Starting Rifle Skill: 1 - 20

Starting Moral: 1- 30

Requirements: None

Abilities: Can Call in Air-Support, Artillary, and Paratroopers

Aggresiveness: Medium

Movement Speed: VERY slow

Strong Against: Light Infantry

Weak Against: All Else

Equipable: Yes

Roll: Signaler

Tips and InfoEdit

Std unit allied signaler idle
The Signaler is probably your 3rd most important utility unit just after the Officer. Signalers have many benefits, Such as the ability to cancel out enemy air-strikes, call in paratroopers, Artillary, and even naval artillary. However, Signalers are seldom used in most strategies because of their bulky gear, tendency to die quickly, and need to have at least 10 kills to be able to make semi-fast calls. One of the Signalers main problems, is that they are extremely slow. A wave or 2 can pass while he tries to reach his destination. He is slow because of the radio pack attached to his back, also when makes calls, he becomes a large priority target for germans.

Unless your worried about your cam-nets being blown away you shouldn't worry about having a Signaler.

Some advice:

1) Try to level your signaller with combat leadership so that he does not have to kill enemy to rank up.

2) Keep him in a pillbox or bunker so that he does not get gibbed by grenades, V1, Arty and Bombs.

3) There is a bug in version 2.2.7. That doesn't rank up the signaller if has 10 xp which comes from combat leadership the signaller will not rank up so you if he is very close to ranking up you must let him kill an enemy