Xx command 1unit 02regular

HP: 100

Cost: 3 TP

Starting Weapon: Spring Field (Or M1)

Starting Rifle Skill: 10 - 30

Starting Moral: 10 - 60

Requirements: None

Abilities: None

Aggresiveness: Low/Medium

Movement Speed: Medium

Strong Against: All Infantry and Weak vehicles

Weak Against: Most Vehicles, Snipers, Explosives

Equipable: Yes

Roll: Grunt

Tips and InfoEdit

Std unit allied regular idle
The Regular also referred to as "Joe" and "Grunt" by some is probably the most well rounded soldier in the game, If you don't know what a Regular is or have never used one, You've probably never played MnB before. They are your most basic unit, In low levels they possess little to no skill but in higher levels (like most units) they Rain fire on the Germans with their deadly grenade juggling and automatic Rifled Grenade launching.

Its safe to say that you should protect these very versatile units just as much as any other, however they are not the most important units on the field. This unit can be adapted to any situation so that. For example, It can be give a BAR for suppresing fire. There is no bad or good things about this unit because of it's adaptibilty and it's averagness.