Xx command 1unit 03officer

HP: 100

Cost: 3 TP

Starting Weapon: M1911

Starting Rifle Skill: 1-20

Starting Moral: 10-60

Requirements: None

Abilities: Allows Command Orders, Random Officer Events, Boosts reaction time of nearby units

Aggresiveness: Medium

Movement Speed: Above Average

Strong Against: Anything 5 inches from their barrel

Weak Against: Anything farther away then 5 inches

Equipable: No

Roll: Commander

Tips and InfoEdit

Std unit allied officer idle
The Officer is a must in every game. You should always have at least 1 officer in your squad at all times. Why? They make your units fire faster (obviously) they allow you to designate specific targets like tanks and other extremely dangerous enemies. They also allow you to use command orders like Heroism, Hold Fire, Tactical Retreat, and of course Designate Fire.

Most people seem to miss the 2nd designate fire button near the bottom on their first time around, which costs 1 tp and makes all squad members pick a random target and begin firing. The Officer is also required for some of the signallers calls.