Xx command 1unit 04medic

HP: 100

Cost: 3 TP

Starting Weapon: None

Starting Rifle Skill: Totally Random

Starting Moral: 10 - 40

Requirements: None

Abilities: Heals nearby squad mates slowly

Aggresiveness: None

Movement Speed: Fast

Strong Against: Scrapes and Cuts

Weak Against: Reattaching Limbs

Equipable: No

Roll: Medic

Tips and InfoEdit

Std unit allied medic idle
The Medic is a very important unit to have around, He is the only one who can heal your units when they are hurt and potentially save their lives when their health falls below ten. Medics are notorious for being used as crate snatchers (because of their speed) but unfortunately, Many a brave medic are killed because of their none existant fighting and dodging abilities.

Keep them in the back as much as possible in later waves.