Xx command 1unit 01frenchie

HP: 75 (100 with medal)

Cost: 1 TP

Starting Weapon: SpringField

Starting Rifle Skill: Very Low

Starting Moral: Very Low

Requirements: None

Abilities: None

Aggresiveness: Very Low

Movement Speed: Normal

Strong Against: None

Weak Against: All

Equipable: Yes

Roll: Meat Shield

Tips and InfoEdit

Std unit allied french idle
The French Resistance soldier is most likely the worst soldier you'll ever use, They come with very low moral, very low rifle and even wounded with 25hp. But as horrible as they may seem they are actually quite useful as meat shields, A french resistance will commonly lay on his stomech for waves at a time, which will keep them from getting shot and even though the french resistance is a very low threat to the Germans the Germans will still fire at him first. instead of the five or six soldiers behind him. Making the French Resistance an invaluable asset for protecting your more important soldiers.