Xx command 1unit 06flamethrower

HP: 100

Cost: 3 TP

Starting Weapon: Flame-Thrower (Unique)

Starting Rifle Skill: 5 - 20

Starting Moral: 10 - 40

Requirements: None

Abilities: Can set tree's and enemies on fire

Aggresiveness: High

Movement Speed: Slow

Strong Against: All Infantry

Weak Against: All Vehicles and even himself

Equipable: No

Roll: Squad Pyro

Tips and InfoEdit

Std unit allied flamer idle
The Flamer is notorious for high friendly fire kills, The only reason you would ever want to use a flamer is if your truely desperate and need someone to clear alot of infantry. The fire shot from the Flame-Thrower can catch tree's and units on fire, both of which can catch your own units on fire if they move to close.

Again the flamer is still not a team player.