Xx command 1unit 05engineer

HP: 100

Cost: 4 TP

Starting Weapon: Grease Gun (Unique)

Starting Rifle Skill: 10 - 40

Starting Moral: 10 - 60

Requirements: None

Abilities: Builds Defensive Structures

Aggresiveness: Medium

Movement Speed: Slow

Strong Against: Infantry and Light vehicles

Weak Against: Strong Infantry and Strong Vehicles

Equipable: Yes

Roll: Squad Constructor

Tips and InfoEdit

Std unit allied engineer idle
The Engineer is the backbone of your defense, without his ability to construct structures like the trench and the bunker you would be obliterated before wave 90, It is important to keep Engineers in the back of you Squad and to only bring them into open range for construction, But don't think that just because he is important that he can't hold his own in a fight.

Engineers will generally get more kills in a quicker time compared to regulars, mostly credited to their Grease Gun (High CQC Bonus) which is surprisingly accurate at long ranges.