Xx command 1unit 08bazooka

HP: 100
Cost: 4 TP
Starting Weapon: Bazooka
Starting Rifle Skill: 1 - 15
Starting Moral: 10 - 30
Requirements: None
Abilities: Shoots Rockets
Aggresiveness: Medium
Movement Speed: Slow
Strong Against: Vehicles and Clusters of units
Weak Against: Single Units and Snipers
Equipable: No
Roll: Anti-Tank

Tips and InfoEdit

Std unit allied bazooka idle
The bazooka is a requirement for anyone who wants to survive a tank blits. They only have 3 problems which are, Low accuracy, Low fire rate and chance of wasting a round on a dead body (Frustrating past wave 100). Though despite these drawbacks, the bazooka will always be the back-bone of anti-tank warfare in MnB2.